Monday, June 9, 2008

CALLING ALL MOMS~Green is the NEW Pink

I wanted to share something I recently became passionate about the hard way. I know we have a lot of moms here and thought it was important to bring this up. I have asthma & allergies, my kids have asthma & allergies. I always tried to keep the house very clean because I knew that this would help alleviate their symptoms. It actually made them worse. I did some research like all moms do and I found some startling information....The sprays/powders/aerosols are not only terrible for the kids and their breathing (almost all household chemicals on the mass market contain immediate respiratory irritants) but it is also terrible for the environment (all those plastic bottles and cans in landfills). This affects all of us - not just the 1 in 16 children who have asthma.

This was recently featured on Oprah. On Oprah's 11/5 show all about "Staying Young," Oprah and health consultant Dr. Mehmet Oz enthusiastically discuss the benefits of the non-toxic, biodegradable Get Clean products! AND On November 20, 2007, on her famous "Favorite Things" show, Oprah describes the Get Clean Starter Kit as "the perfect gift for someone who likes cleaning and also likes to help the environment."

I discovered a way to buy the products from myself- I am NOT a salesperson but rather sharing this information with you. I have tried a new line of products (that has been available for 50 years unbeknownst to me) and they really work!
I want to offer anyone who shares my concerns a FREE sample of the laundry soap or the household cleaner FREE of charge[/color] (just pay $2 for shipping on the cleaner or $1 for the laundry soap)

I am getting the word out there to all moms of kids who have allergies or asthma or moms who just want to help the environment while making their home safer at the same time. No worries about your child becoming poisioned from these products...they are all natural.

I am starting a campaign for all my fellow shabby moms called GREEN Is the new PINK. You can join me for free or pay $20 for a lifetime membership and get 15% off all products for a lifetime.
REMEMBER: You buy from yourself (not me) and it is shipped to you (not me) pressure- just get what you need to make your home safe.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic. Thanks for taking a minute to think about making a healthier change for yourself, your kids and the environment.


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