Thursday, September 18, 2008

Novelty Holiday Baubles- HALF OFF, TOO!

I have had bracelets around here for the longest time...this year due to so many factors I wont be able to do my usual local craft shows so I am offering them online for the first time in years. In an effort to make more room in my studio- I am offering them on etsy for HALF of what I sell them for at the shows. Check out these cutesy little handmade (no, not by me!) glass lampwork pumpkins, candy corns and turkeys for fall....gobble, gobble them up. I no longer have these beads to work with- the lady who makes them has retired :(

I couldn't resist putting up some Christmas bracelets too...they make adorable teacher's gifts! See what you think!

This one has vintage crystals in between....ooh la la!

You can find them here. More coming soon...
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ohhhhhhh.......... Those bracelets are VERY cute! Love 'em!