Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Artist's Work I Really Appreciate

Another edition of me being bored on the couch and using this time to behold the artistic talents of others. I have come to the conclusion that I am the biggest fan of
1. things that have been repurposed (used for something they werent originally intended for) its so creative!
2. vintage (but of course)
3. unique & artsy creations with an emphasis on quality- you can really tell when someone pours their soul into their work. It just shows! For that reason....
I am really a big believer of letting people know how much you like their stuff. I email everyone to tell them. Some write back, some dont. As long as they have been told I think its nice. Thats all :)

OK Onto my finds du jour:
I just love ALL of this artist's work!

Could this be any MORE glorious?

I am in love with these! And they smell good too!?!

Sassy Susan designs all of these scrumptious shabby vintage fabrics and has them made in Japan- the quality is impeccable.

Cute upcycled clothing!

I dont know how she does it but those images on vintage paper make me swoon!

Absolutely beautiful original and perfect in every way.

Soldered Bliss from Sally Jean

A classic in my book collection- love this book and all it has to offer

Divine Bauble

Is it OK to love this - even though I made it?! HA! Recycled vintage buttons galore.

OK- More later...take a second to let me know what you think of these picks...any suggestions?

AND for all of you PINK lovers- I just added a new product you are sure to go nuts for:

You can find it here! Thanks for stopping in!


dollface design said...

hi! thank you so much for your kind words regarding my work and for featuring my shop on your lovely blog, i truly appreciate it!

Cola's Cottage said...

Melissa, what a wonderful collection of artists you put together! I put half of them on my favorites page! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Melissa for a wonderful feature on your blog:)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my!! Fantastic shops and blogs! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog and your shop too!!