Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Stranger In Need

OK, I realize everyone is super busy w/family & work these days! I also know we are bombarded with requests for our time & money. I definitely don't mean to add to that but thhis story really touched me. It's a true story and really quite heart wrenching. You can watch the news story here. You can check out the family's blog here.

I know many tragic events/incidents have take place the last several months and that many people are hurting and suffering everywhere.... Just do what you can. I donated an item this morning and plan to donate more. 100% of the $ goes straight to paying for her family needs & her skyrocketing medical costs which may top $2 million! I couldn't stop thinking about her after reading her story. With so many wonderful & thoughtful women out there, I thought that perhaps you may want to help too after reading her story. This is the lovely lady who started the auction and who to contact if you'd like to contribute, she can be reached here: ericathur4@yahoo.com

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Stevie Jean said...

I also blogged about this story! Can you believe it! I'm donating for the auction ♥