Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the Girls

A friend of mine sent me this link. All women (especially mothers, teachers & women who have close contacts with girls) should watch this! Check it out,


Becs said...

Melissa, so true! THis needs to go into all schools Jr. High and up! BEcs

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Thank you for sharing this. This is so important. I have 5 girls. I am one that is hard on myself! way too hard (from being judge sooo many times) ~ seriously, no joke. "judging HURTS" regarldess of size. if your "too thin" then they critique your every move. always feel like you have to be "perfect" or they will tear you apart. sick. I know. I do not "talk" about weight in my home because of it all. we talk about "HEART""Health" however, having girls in school... they talk about it, (they happen to be lucky and not have to worry about weight & appearance, YET they see others that are struggeling and think how horrible it is.(they have no idea how much I worry about my appearance & Im thin. well, not an 18 year old anymore but for having 5 girls....I should never think bad about myself.
I hurts me everyday to see what it has come to. I pray daily my girls will never hurt like this or harm their body. it is a horrible sickness and it is so hard to avoid, no matter where you live. Parents have to BE THERE for thier children. TALK & LISTEN. LOVE them regardless and PRAISE them daily how beautiful they are. It works people, seriously. LOVE THEM UP!
TALK.BE THERE. This is serious.
spread the word, sorry to say this but EVEN educated people are sometimes stupid. they do ot THINK to do any of this. they are too busy. you should NEVER be TOO BUSY for your children!
Thank you for sharing this. I'll try to figure out how to post this & keep on my blog too.
LOVE YOU BLOG by the way : )
Best Wishes ~
Joelle XOXO