Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Guest Author

I am so happy to announce I am the very first guest author for Avalon Rose Market Square 
If you haven't been to Avalon Rose Market Square, you MUST click HERE to go have a visit.

Here are some FAQs I 'borrowed' from the website:
Who is involved in Avalon Rose Market Square?

Avalon Rose Market Square is the individual endeavor of Catherine  from Avalon Rose Design. Periodically, guest authors will be selected for the blog, but they will be selected from the business owners who are members of Avalon Rose Market Square.

How do you select the spotlight products and featured businesses?
Spotlight products are hand selected to best advertise market member's businesses. Each grouping of spotlight products are put together with a theme in mind. Featured businesses are chosen by random from the market members.

I have an etsy/ebay store, can I still be considered for membership?
Absolutely! Etsy and ebay store owners are welcome to join the market.

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