Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Show

For the past two days we gathered as we do every year for an annual Holiday House in a small town in upstate New York to share a year's worth of handpainting, jewelry, sewing, knitting, and more...
This year my sister hosted the event in her 1809 farmhouse.
My mother and sister paint, glitterify, sew, repurpose and beautify.  My aunt knits and knits and knits.  My brother's mom-in-law paints and paints and I repurpose whatever I can find into wearable art. 
Here's a peek inside~come see how I spent my weekend...
Perhaps next year, you will join us?

Vintage Buttons

Fun Pins & Brooches

Cocktail Rings...repurposed vintage bachelor buttons & earrings

And then there was the rest of the show....

My mother and my sister painted and sewed for months...have a look at their results:

Vintage Stools in their Party Dresses:

Room Divider

 Ornaments galore...

How 'bout that glitter tree my sister made?  She hand glittered the entire thing & painted the pot~
She generously donated it to my dining room~YAY!

Handpainted Chargers & some friendly nutcrackers...

Mom and my sister spent countless hours painting and glittering to create these pieces for the show:

Handpainted Ornaments by artist Patricia Belodoff

Mom's Pretty Tote with handpainted straps

Back to my loot...some  jewels and Flash Cards...

Paper crowns & vintage buttons in their 2nd life as thumbtacks in cork frames

Necklaces I displayed in an antique typesetter's drawer

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fannipauline said...

What beauty you all create. It is wonderful and I love that it. I love especially that it is one of a kind and not like every other sweet and boring pink that mostly everyone else is doing.....This knocks my sox off and rarely has anything done that in a long time. I will be 80 next week and everyone else is mostly just the same old-same old....You all aare sooooo refreshing!!!!!!! Hugs, Pauline