Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Fairy Houses

      Little Fairy Houses from CarolineAlexander

These fairy houses are one-of-a-kind, hand-built designs by Jennifer Cameron.  The house is made from clay and crafted with meticulous detail.  The base of each house is pressed into tree bark to give it a realistic fairy house look. Real leaves and molds are used to form each tiny and unique detail on the house.  Each house is hand glazed in beautiful pastel shades and often embellished with "pixie dust."  Some of the houses are decorated with Swarovski rhinestones for that extra sparkle.  Each amazing little piece is meticulously placed and hand glazed, not painted.  

The house starts as a slab of clay and then the artist goes to work.  Her inspiration comes from her daughters’ love of fairies.  Each house cannot and will not be duplicated; they are not mass-produced and take many long hours of thought and work.  These enchanted houses are whimsical and fun for any true fairy believer. 

 The house is spectacular when lit.  Each house has amazing detail in the doorways, windows and other creative elements.  The house will come with a tea light candle.  This house is not a toy and I do not recommend it for children under 5 years old.  There are many tiny pieces that could create choking hazards.  Please, when using candles do not leave them unattended. 

If there is something special that you are looking for, please contact Jennifer at:
716-672-9826 or
and she will design one together with you!  
She loves creative imaginations and always welcomes new ideas! 

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