Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seeing Christmas

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Today I took my 7 year old son Christmas shopping for his sister.
During our stroll through one of the store aisles, a very tall, jolly man with an impressive smile, belly and white beard to match, happened by wearing a red Santa hat. Just another customer to me (albeit a very festive one), my son saw something else. When he first passed us, I noticed my son's eyes widen as he tried so hard to look ahead and not to stare.
'How cute!' I thought. 'He thought that was Santa.'
We ran into 'Santa' again a couple of aisles later where he clearly noticed he had been 'discovered'. He caught my son's eye and knelt down next to him and said (in an impressively deep voice),
'Don't let anyone know you saw me here, ok?'
My son nodded enthusiastically.
'I'm out checking on kids before the big day.'
My son said, 'I was wondering why you were wandering around here in your street clothes.'
Santa chuckled softly and asked, 'are you on the good list?'
My son replied with, 'yes, sir. So far!'
He wished us both a Merry Christmas & headed off to finish up his shopping (and subsequent 'behavior checking').

Heart. Full.
Thank you to this kind soul who took a few seconds to make a little boy's day.
And mine.


MargO said...

How truly magical! ~Bless~

Unknown said...

So sweet! Isn't it funny how that little gesture did SO MUCH for so many? Not only you and your sweet boy--those of us reading it feel inspired, too!

Anonymous said...

What a great story you shared with us - I LOVED this. Our boys are so sweet aren't they? I love being a mom to boys! I hope he had a magical Christmas ~ Happy New Year friend! xo