Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Exist

I think there is a huge difference between existing & living. Living is experiencing life and existing is getting up each day and merely going through the motions. Something I once read (written by a cancer patient) sums it up nicely: You dont need permission to start living. Life is not a dress rehearsal...this is it.
Sometimes things happen in life that remind us of how precious life truly is. We have all had those moments... but then there are times when we can have an 'epiphany' of sorts for no apparent reason. That's been happening for me a lot recently. Lately I have found myself wanting to change everything, make it new, make it different. For no real reason. THEN: I started realizing that a lot of that was simply interference or distractions & quite frankly it was making it impossible for me to enjoy the here & now.
Then I I living or am I existing?
The best way to appreciate life is to experience each individual moment without that 'static'. The 'what-ifs' the 'shoulda' coulda' thoughts that throw us off our destination. When we give up trying to control the way we think things ought to be -only then can we immerse ourselves in the moment and drink in all that it intended to provide us with. And after that we can giggle at the idea we had any control over things at all.
I am ashamed to say that sometimes I allow these little distractions to take me away from my goal completely...sometimes to the point where I begin to actually absorb the negative feelings associated with them. So.....from today I vow to try reaaalllly hard not to do that - if I can help it. Won't you join me?


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Melissa ~ I really love your thoughts on this post because they are so true ~ I sometimes find myself so consumed with an issue that I may be dealing with that I miss out on the joy of the day or even the moment ~

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Melissa, I feel that you have spoken directly to my heart! I feel the same way, although I'm quite sure I couldn't have written it so eloquently.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we just need someone to say it!

Cola's Cottage said...

Hi Melissa~ I have to say first of all that I am sorry for your heartache over someone stealing your art. I also agree with you whole heartedly that as artist we all inspire eachother to be better, but we should never outright steal. There should be some ethical accountability to follow. As an artist I understand that there is nothing that is totally original anymore, at some time something has been done before. We should take what we love from what others have done and do it in our own way and give credit to others who inspire us.

I have heard you mention many times about this subject and you are very kind and generous in sharing praise of others accomplishments. I hope that you find closure in this and others are enlightened about this issue.

I loved this blog as I have felt the same exact way many times. I have gone through my moments of existing and then finding my purpose. It was my renewed faith in God and living for Him that gave me strength and inspiration to pursue my dream of my art. I know you feel the same way and are passionate for what you are doing. You have been an inspiration to me and you will always succeed at whatever you do.

Blessings to you my friend!

~ Nichole

Unknown said...

Very wise words indeed. I stopped over from Joy to the blog. I am so glad I did. What a gem you are.
;D Tammy