Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inspiration All Around

This may sound strange but I was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration from a most unlikely source this morning. I was watching Max & Ruby with my son and saw the bunny characters venture into their gramma's attic. There were big, old trunks, unopened jewelry boxes, dusty dress forms, forgotten shoes and so much inspiration hidden in the alcoves that I literally almost burst....from a child's tv show. I knew right away that I wanted to spend today unearthing some of the goodies I had packed away and bring them to light. If I could choose one place to go today it would be to a big old undiscovered attic full of promise and surprises. Where would you go????


Faded Plains said...

I'm with you...I would definetly want to go explore an old attic.

Em said...

I kinda feel like I have gotten this gift since for the past year my grandmother has been cleaning out all the clutter from her house. She is taking care of her sister and realized how much "stuff" she has to go through... not wanting to put the same burden on her children and us grandchildren, my grandma has started de-cluttering her own house now. I have gotten some pretty special treasures over the past few months :)

Bunny said...

My son LOVES Max & Ruby! Why are the parents never around?!
Mine is more of a regret....When I was first married I went with my husbands more contemporary taste & decorated our home more for him. My Mom sold all her Rose Covered china, flatware & milk glass. She offered it to me first, but I turned it down. Sooo beautiful, I would go bck in time and scoop that all up! She had so many wonderful treasures, if I had only said yes & held on to it!
~ Bunny
B. Catherine Designs

Anonymous said...

Congrats I love her teddies! Pleas pick up you Marie blog award! I love starting my day reading your blog uplifting and inspiring!