Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have met some really great ladies at lollishops and it isnt even open quite yet! Recently, I was featured on one of the lovely ladies' blogs, you can check it out here. You can also see her darling shop here.

I love when artists are bold enough to share other people's work with the world. It shows they are confident in who they are and in their own talents. Thanks to blondheart for this sweet feature! I will be listing some more inspiring artists very soon.

I would love to see everyone who happens on this blog do a mini feature on their own blog on someone who inspires YOU. Write to them, tell them about it. I wrote this back in September:

I encourage everyone to take a minute to share your impressions of the beauty around you. Often times I think we 'borrow inspiration' from people and they never know they had a hand in lighting our inspired fire. Take a minute to drop a note to someone who has tickled your fancy and let them know they have inspired you to create something beautiful! Nothing brings a smile to an artist more than knowing someone who has appreciated their work took the time to write a quick note about it. Spread the love!

See how much love YOU can spread today by trumpeting the praises of another.

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Kelly said...

Aww thank you for mentioning me! Your shop is amazing and I am certain I will be making some purchases there in the very near future!

You're absolutely right about featuring others...we all have a gift of talent, why not spread the wealth!

Hugs, Kelly